Esra and Carol welcome you to our school. Growing Minds is an International Preschool in the heart of Istanbul, educating children from age 2–5 years old.

We founded Growing Minds in order to offer an education where equal emphasis is placed on language, artistic, physical and musical tuition. In addition, we want children to learn moral and spiritual values that will make them happy and confident in themselves, without arrogance.

We aim (in no particular order):

  • To teach an all encompassing curriculum within excellent facilities,
  • To place an emphasis on the whole child,
  • To help our students to develop self-confidence and a respect for others,
  • To teach our students to develop a love of learning, which is fostered from within,
  • To offer a well balanced, all round education which will result in the pupils themselves being well balanced, well attuned, and well in mind and body,
  • To ensure that children are happy in themselves, happy in each other’s company, confident in their ability.
  • To ensure our pupils display an enthusiastic interest in the world around them and have an infectious attitude to their learning when they continue their education in Primary school.

“We believe that every single child has the capacity to excel”.